Love in a Nutshell
By Dottie
Jan 12, 2012 - 2:28:01 PM

Kate Appleton has returned to her parent’s summer house, The Nutshell, hoping to turn it into a Bed-and-Breakfast. Her life hasn’t been that great lately. She has lost her job as a magazine editor as well as her home, her husband left her, taking custody of her dog, but the only thing she misses is her dog. Now she needs a job. She only has six months to make over the summer house into her dream or she will lose it to the private investor who holds the mortgage. The house needs a great deal of work before it can be opened as a Bed-and-Breakfast. Her parents, who were not willing to sink any more money into the dilapidated lake house, have moved to Naples, Florida. So it is all up to Kate. With no other option in sight and needing the money desperately, Kate confronts the man she blames for her job loss and manages to get a job at his brewery, even though she hates beer.

Matt Culhane owns the local brewery, but lately, someone has been trying to sabotage him. He needs someone to spy for him, who is not so well known in town. The perfect person for the job is Kate. Although he has a reputation as a playboy, in reality, he is a one-woman man and he cannot deny his attraction to Kate. But he also owns the mortgage on the summer lake house that she is trying to remodel into a Bed-and-Breakfast. His plans include turning the house into a restaurant. But as they work side-by-side, he finds that he could get used to having her nearby. However, with the danger getting ever closer, can they find the saboteur before it is too late? Will he give up his plans for the summer house, or will they come to a compromise?

A fun, lighthearted read, LOVE IN A NUTSHELL is a suspense-filled, humorous romantic suspense that will keep you eagerly turning the pages to see what happens next. Infusing passion, an intriguing mystery, sabotage, danger, family dynamics, witty repartee, loveable characters, romance and true love into this delightful tale, the team of Janet Evanovich and Dorien Kelly have penned a winner. What more could a reader ask for in a romantic suspense? It has many laugh-out loud moments as well as some steamy situations that make this book a keeper. LOVE IN A NUTSHELL will keep readers guessing right up to the wonderful conclusion. I truly enjoyed this story and recommend it highly! Be sure to get a copy of your own!

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