Love in the Fast Lane
By Roberta Austin
Mar 13, 2007 - 2:23:00 PM

Scott Templeton loves the thrill of driving racecars and knows he is about to win another championship Rolex. When the ghost of racing legend Speed Cooper appears in the normally vacant passenger seat, Scott loses control and wrecks his car. Scott is lucky to only have a couple broken bones. He doesn't really want Speed to keep him company during his recovery, but the stubborn ghost refuses to leave until Scott agrees to help make sure Speed's daughter, Maggie, gets some special items.

Even though Maggie Cooper is the daughter of a racecar driver, her lifestyle is entirely different. She has big plans to move ahead in the corporate world. Her boyfriend may not be Mr. Excitement, but he is steady and has a  five-year plan in place. When Scott shows up, both Maggie and her beloved grandmother are leery of his claim that Speed sent him. Scott just doesn't seem like the "Ghost Whisperer" type, but he sure is charming. Maggie's grandmother, who doesn't care much for Maggie's current stuffy boyfriend, tries to be a matchmaker. Maggie doesn't need a free spirit like Scott in her structured life.


Maggie is a capable, competent woman who has reined in her deep passions for too long. She seems to want to settle rather than take risks. Women readers will be able to relate to this dilemma that many face these days. Scott is a real alpha male, but he has a sensitive side, which makes him an endearing character. The paranormal twist adds extra fun and humor to the plot. Both Speed and Maggie's grandmother are cute characters. The love scenes are guaranteed to get your motor running.


If your have already read Ms. McKnight's earlier novel, A DATE ON CLOUD NINE, you know she is a fabulous writer. I hope this author has more sexy, funny tales coming out soon.



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