Love on Deck
By Dina Smith
Aug 3, 2004 - 8:58:00 AM

Amber Morales always dreamed of being a radio announcer for the major leagues. Growing up the daughter of a major league player she knew more about the game then most men did. When a job opened up for a radio announcer with the Colorado Springs Stars Amber thought this was the opportunity of a lifetime. Unfortunately not everyone was happy about a women being an announcer, especially baseball manager Sam Lucero, who thought the only place for women in baseball was in the stands.

Amber had seen men like Sam before, tall, dark, handsome, and always looking for the next one night stand. Sam was just like her father and she had no intention of getting involved with a man like that. Sam and Amber may not agree about baseball and her job in it, but off the field Amber was losing her heart fast. Amber was almost convinced Sam was not like her father until she catches him in the arms of another women right after leaving her bed.

Sam Lucero was convinced women had no place in baseball, it would only lead to trouble and trouble was exactly what Amber Morales was. She may know a lot about baseball but she had no clue about men. When Sam realized that he could not stop her from becoming an announcer, he decided he would be her protector like a big brother. The only problem with that was, big brothers didn't have lustful thoughts about their little sisters. Sam knew Amber was not the kind of girl he could have a one stand with. He had already gone through one bad marriage and he had no intention of going through another. In the end Sam knew the best thing for him and Amber both was to let her go, but could he convince his heart to do the same.

LOVE ON DECK is a fun and exciting read that I really enjoyed. Sam and Amber were such great characters that I could almost feel the heat between them and with a group of secondary characters that will warm your heart all make LOVE ON DECK a book not to be missed. This is the first romance Rebecca Martinez has written with Wings ePress and with her refreshing story line and increadible writing ability, she is sure to go far.

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