Love on the Ropes

Author: Pat White

Publisher: Dorchester

Release Date: October 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Being undercover is second nature to DEA agent Jason McBain, but after spending three months posing as a drug dealer the last thing he needs is a cheesy assignment like the one he’s just been assigned. Jason’s assignment has him entering the world of pro wrestling as a wrestler called Jack the Stripper to discover the source of the steroids that are being distributed.

Medical assistant/physical therapist Sandy Ryan practically grew up at ringside. Both her father and brother had been involved in wrestling until injuries and health issues forced them to the sidelines. Sandy knows that steroids and sheer stupidity are running rampant through many of the wrestlers. It’s her job to keep them healthy and in the ring which would be so much easier if they’d only listen to her once in awhile.

Jason is positive that this assignment is nothing more than a way for his boss to sabotage his career. Rather than bury his blade in Meek just to deflate his ego a little bit, Jason decides to become the best pro wrestler in the league and nail whoever is dealing steroids. It can’t be that difficult. After all professional wrestling isn’t even a real sport, right? The first time Jason meets Sandy he’s poised to strike another wrestler with a pink stiletto heel for talking trash - definitely not the best way to make a first impression or to fit in with the wrestling community. Luckily Sandy takes pity on him and helps him with his routine and ensures that he’s accepted by the other wrestlers. The only wrestling Jason is really interested in would be between the sheets with Sandy. The only trouble is Sandy doesn’t get involved with anyone in the wrestling profession and Jason suspects that she is the source of the steroids. He just may have to convince her to throw out her personal issues of mixing business and pleasure so that he can do some up close and personal surveillance.

Pat White’s LOVE ON THE ROPES is a fast-paced adventure in the world of pro wrestling - both in and out of the ring. The characters are larger than life and an absolute delight to spend a few hours reading about. I really got absorbed in the developing relationship between Jason and Sandy and loved ‘watching’ them fight the emotional pull between them. Throughout this whole story you’re kept guessing at the identity of the steroid distributor and hoping it's not one of the many characters that you really like. Ms. White fulfilled all my expectations with this novel and brought back memories of watching pro wrestling with my dad and grandpa. It’s a family event that makes a wonderful tale you’ll want to read many time over.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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