Love's Haven
By Sherri Myers
May 1, 2005 - 8:49:00 PM

Mara Rosemond is almost ready to deliver her baby, and having been recently widowed, isn't sure how she's going to make it financially. With eviction from her apartment and repossession of her vehicle imminent, Mara doesn't have time to waste and must come up with a solution quickly.

Enter Brock Barnett, best friend of Todd Rosemond, Mara's dead husband. When Brock learns of Mara's pregnancy, he decides to ask her to marry him so that he can provide for her and the baby. Since Todd died while mountain climbing with Brock, Brock feels responsible for the accident, and now wants to accept Todd's responsibilities as repentance for his error in judgement in taking Scott with him that fateful day. 

Mara struggles with her decision whether to marry Brock because she knows she can never support herself and a baby, but since he isn't a Christian, she feels she would be unequally yoked being married to an unbeliever. Brock has always been known as a playboy and likes to live life on the edge. He can provide for their basic needs, but can Mara live with the man she blames for her husband's untimely death? Will the memory of the man they both dearly loved be the thing that keeps them apart?

Catherine Palmer is fast becoming one of my favorite authors with each book I read by her. LOVE'S HAVEN is such an emotionally charged story that I read the whole book in one day, unable to put it down. Brock's sense of responsibility and love for his best friend makes him an admirable hero, and Mara's strong faith in God is an encouragement for everyone. Each one is afraid to trust the other and give loving each other a chance in fear of it appearing as if they are betraying Todd's memory. When they finally accept the fact that Todd is gone and life does indeed go on, the healing can finally begin and they can become a family. Who else would Todd have liked to have seen raise his child other than his wife and his best friend? LOVE'S HAVEN is a book the reader will not easily lay aside and forget after reading; this one will stay with you for a while. I sincerely hope to read more of this fabulous author's work in the future!

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