Love's Magic Spell
By Charity Yates
Dec 1, 2004 - 4:25:00 PM

Lucienda sat looking at Lisa. This charge was going to be a fun one. Lisa had such potential, and spirit! She would bet her new shoes from Chubby's Shoe Hall that Lisa had what it takes. If she would only loosen up and enjoy the ride while it lasted. Get her man and live the rest of her life as Mrs. Josh Evans. Forgetting his ex and her inhibitions would prove to be a challenge for poor Lisa, but one she was capable of overcoming.

Josh doesn't really know how he fell in love with Lisa, but he knows he loves her more than anything. Everyday that passes by, he feels more enchanted by her grace, intellect, and natural beauty. He can't seem to remember why he ever even wanted a person like Serene Ridgemont. Lisa was so sensual in an innocent way. She didn't show off or try to be sexy, she just was. And that in itself mesmerized him.

Lisa begins to wonder what she will do when her dream ends. She is falling more in love with Josh each moment she spends with him. Things are going too well to be real. That is up until the point his ex-fiance shows up in the cottage next to theirs. Lisa doesn't have much time to convince Josh and herself they are meant to grow old together. With Serene playing the sweet innocent “friend, Lisa is even more determined to prove herself to Josh, and the clock is running out.

Kelly McDonough has given life to childhood stories with an adult twist. LOVE'S MAGIC SPELL forced laughter from my mouth and tears from my eyes. Kelly is full of surprises mixing the right recipe of comedy and romance, and a more than lovable Godmother who fits into her own category quite nicely!!

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