Love the Sinner

Author: Avril Ashton

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: 05-09-2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Detective Gabriel Ashby is straight
, but the moment he sees gang leader Angelo Pagan he’s shocked to realize he’s attracted to a man. He doesn’t know what to think and can’t explain his unexpected desire for one of New York City’s most wanted criminals. It’s unsettling and confusing. Gabe and half the department have been trying to arrest Pagan, but now he’s spending hours fantasizing about him.

Angelo Pagan knows getting involved with a cop could get him killed. He ignores his attraction until Gabe shows up at a warehouse raid and to keep another man from killing him, Angelo’s forced to shoot Gabe in the shoulder. Angelo’s actions set them on a path that leads to an affair that mingles his world of crime and death with Gabe’s world of law and order. No matter their love and desire, their worlds are pitted against each other. Can Gabe live with loving a man who’s a killer? Is his loving a sinner enough, or will it destroy him?

LOVE THE SINNER is by another new author for me—Avril Ashton. I have to admit the blurb for this one really caught my attention. With the overall tone being so dark, at first I wasn’t certain it was a book I’d enjoyed, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it either. I was intrigued with the concept and wanted to see what the author did with the unique premise. Angelo Pagan’s a gang leader. He’s a killer and as a romantic lead, not everyone is going to be comfortable with him in that role. But nothing about this story is about comfort. From the moment he and Gabe meet, their worlds are thrown off-kilter, forcing them to reconsider who they are, what they want and what the future will bring.

This gritty M/M romance is fast paced, exciting and filled with vivid imagery as these two lovers, on opposite sides of the law, try to make their love work. It makes the plot hard hitting, dangerous, painful and often frustrating, but I couldn’t stop reading. The story is filled with emotion but it’s not just the chemistry between Gabe and Angelo. There’s also apprehension and even fear.

Despite Angelo’s violent past, I still like him. He’s an interesting guy with a painful family history that’s nicely integrated into the story. It really makes you understand what led to his life situation. Then there’s Angelo’s mother. She’s a wonderful addition to the plot, but only one of several great secondary characters. And Gabe. He’s a dedicated cop and an intriguing guy, blind-sided by his sudden attraction to a man. Well, I guess I’m done rambling. I enjoyed it and hope you will too.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Gayle

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