Torrid Tarot: Love's Choice
By Robin Snodgrass
Mar 18, 2008 - 8:49:22 AM

Claire Arnet's life is at a crossroads, both literally and figuratively. She has some difficult decisions to make about her future for one thing. For another, she is forced to take a detour off the interstate on her way to a relaxing spa vacation. Claire will never be the same after she decides to travel in the opposite direction from all the other drivers. Thanks to a herd of goats in the middle of the road, Claire winds up stranded in the small town of Haisville, Georgia; a town that could easily double for Mayberry, USA. She decides that the detour might not be so bad once she meets local fisherman Collyer Evans.

Collyer Evans cannot believe the raw magnetism flowing between him and the beautiful damsel in distress. However, being a proper son of the South, Coll is more than ready to offer her his brand of assistance and pure southern hospitality. Can he convince the luscious lady to spend her week relaxing in his arms before she heads back to the big city? What choice will Claire make about her future? Will she choose to take the easy way or work for what she really wants out of life? When lust turns to something much stronger, will Coll or Claire be able to walk away?


M. A. Ellis has written a fantastic tale in LOVE'S CHOICE. Ellis has once again proven that she has an amazing talent when it comes to writing sensual romance brimming with passion. That passion ignites the first time Coll and Claire see one another and it builds to a roaring inferno before either knows what hit them. On top of being a very sexy story, LOVE'S CHOICE has a touch of Southern humor thrown in for good measure. For example, the local townspeople are extremely entertaining busybodies who help propel the plot along. Additionally, Claire's best friend Tawny is a character I hope gets her own story in the future. She’s an absolute hoot! However, it is Claire and Coll who captured my heart from the very beginning. I love this story so much that I have already read it more than once.


LOVE'S CHOICE is also a remarkably tender romance. If every Southern man were as charming and delicious as Collyer Evans, the women of the world would be beating a path to the South in droves. Add in his vulnerability when it comes to Claire and it is an unbeatable combination. Claire's feisty personality and lush curves come together to insure that Coll is an angler who is caught: hook, line and sinker. Grab a copy of this amazing story and I promise you will be caught too!

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