Loves Me, Loves Me Knot

Author: Heidi Betts

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

Release Date: August 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3

Format: Print

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Jenna Langan misses being married.  She has never gotten over her ex-husband undercover cop Gage Marshall.  Their marriage was a match made in heaven and one decision on his part destroyed everything between them.  Jenna has tried to move on and she has the help of Ronnie and Grace, her two best friends, who are also in the same knitting group as Jenna, to be her support.  Jenna’s Aunt Charlotte wants her niece and Gage to get back together, and she may have the perfect solution.   Charlotte thinks she has a magic spinning wheel that she can use to knit a scarf for Jenna…a scarf that will help her get Gage back.

When Charlotte goes away for a few days, Charlotte stays at her house.  Ronnie and Grace join Charlotte for a bit of fun and soon, they come up with a plan for Jenna to seduce Gage, so she can end up pregnant with his child.  The one thing Jenna wants is to have a baby with the man she loves and after a night of too much drinking, she may have found a way for her dream to become a reality.


Gage still loves Jenna and when she asks him to come over to the house to fix a leak, he doesn’t mind helping.  He will be in for a great surprise because he has no clue what she has in store for him.  One minute he is doing a bit of fixing up around the house, the next he finds himself tied to a bed and Jenna having her wicked way with him.  Gage can’t believe his luck and he is more than happy to be with Jenna, but when he finds out what Jenna has planned, he feels betrayed.  Now he won’t let her out of his sight until she is sure she is not pregnant.  Jenna has no choice but to let Gage move in and hope she hasn’t ruined her chances of a forever with him.


LOVES ME, LOVES ME KNOT is a cute romance about a former married couple who have never gotten over one another.  Jenna’s baby-making tactics may be a bit extreme, but it leads to some other zany situations and opens the lines of communication between Jenna and Gage, where they can finally heal.


Not only do we see Jenna and Gage try to work out things between them, but their friends also bring out some laughs and shocks as Grace learns that her fiancé may have cheated on her when she catches him in bed with another woman.  What Grace does in retaliation will have you applauding because she feels that she is a woman scorned.


Fans of Heidi Betts will find a bit of joy with this nice love story in LOVES ME, LOVES ME KNOT.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Katie

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