By lisa
Jul 18, 2008 - 12:03:02 PM

When radio talk-show host, Dr. Gabe McCafferty, has to break in a new producer, he isn’t pleased with Sunni Wallace. She has no radio experience. He needs a seasoned producer to help him through his show Lovesick. A psychiatrist, he offers on-air relationship advice for callers seeking help to mend their broken hearts. Ironically, although Gabe can help others, he doesn’t take his own advice. His failed attempt at a lasting relationship has left him bitter and unwilling to take a second chance on love.

Sunni Wallace loves her new job. She is more than a bit reserved about working for Baltimore’s number-one relationship fixer. The man wrote a best seller on relationships. Surely he has some social skills. While her new boss Gabe is a hard taskmaster, she enjoys working with him. She finds herself falling for the man. Sunni has also been hurt deeply when her boyfriend dumped her and married another. Can she take a chance with this confirmed bachelor?


Loree Lough has written a smart, sweet, heartwarming romance with just a twist of irony. Well-written dialogue and likeable characters make this an enjoyable read. Sunni is a hard-working girl next door who hopes she’ll meet the right guy, but thus far she’s had little luck. Gabe is cautious and careful. He takes it slow with Sunni, not wanting a repeat of past mistakes. LOVESICK is a sweet, light-hearted old-fashioned romance.

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