Loving You is Easy

Author: Wendy S. Marcus

Publisher: Loveswept

Release Date: December 9, 2014

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5.0


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Math teacher Brooke Ellstein has always tried to gain her political parents' approval. But when one of the men her mother sets her up with carries things way too far, Brooke begins to maintain her distance. However, knowing that her mother would not believe her anyway and the incident could hurt her father's chances at his run for governor, she keeps it to herself, while vowing not to let her mother choose a date for her ever again, politically motivated or not. Her political connections, however, do have one perk since her father, the New York State comptroller, works closely with the governor. She is put in charge of NYS Governor Howard's Support Our Troops Initiative that matches active duty military members serving overseas with the school classrooms in New York State. However, a few with out-of-state bios were included in error. There was one particular one that Brooke liked so she chose to correspond with him herself, while some of her friends chose others.

Shane Develen grew up in New Jersey as the son of a city bus driver. He was in his first month of his fourth deployment to Afghanistan when he received Brooke's letter. He was all for having her as his pen pal, but he made sure to let her know that he was not in the market for a girlfriend, not now or when he came home. Fortunately, she felt the same way. As he corresponds with her, he hides his tattoos and blue collar roots from her, realizing that she is out of his league. But what he did not anticipate was that her letters would keep him sane and help him through his current deployment. Through the months that they swapped letters, he discovered a lot about Brooke and is intrigued by her. After eight months of exchanging letters and emails, as well as Skype sessions, he is finally going home. But he doesn't want to bother his family so no one will be meeting him upon his arrival.

During the previous months, Brooke has grown closer to Shane and cannot help imagining a life with him. She even watches videos of returning troops reuniting with their loved ones while anticipating meeting Shane one day. Then, it is finally her chance to experience what she has been observing. He is not aware that she will be meeting his plane, but she believes every soldier deserves a warm welcome home and she is desperate to meet him.

To Shane, Brooke is even prettier in person and he knows he has gained her trust when she leaves him with the sexy picture of herself that he has been requesting, one he promises to keep just to himself. They spend one night together and promise to revisit the whole relationship aspect again in three months when he returns home. But when Shane is injured in an ambush, leaving his personal effects to be shipped home by a fellow soldier, Brooke's risqué picture suddenly appears online. Suddenly, her reputation is in tatters and she risks facing charges when some of her students claim she slept with them. But she is not the only one affected since there could also be repercussions for her father's political career and she knows just where to place the blame...Shane.

Even knowing that they are not right for each other, Shane still shows up on Brooke's doorstep, determined to make things right for her. As they face the scandal and try to prove the truth of the matter, they discover a chemistry between them that refuses to be denied.

A compelling tale, LOVING YOU IS EASY, the latest novel by author Wendy S. Marcus, is a sexy, emotion-packed contemporary romance that is sure to touch the hearts of its readers. Shane and Brooke do seem to be from two different worlds in the beginning, but as the story unfolds, it becomes clear that they are perfectly matched. The chemistry between them is undeniable. While Shane suffers from his traumatic injuries gained overseas, Brooke is just the person to see him through it. She is strong, loyal and unwavering in her love for Shane, who is having problems dealing with his situation. The secondary characters add even more depth to the story, although I could not stand Brooke's mother.

Containing humor, scandal, false allegations, PTSD, traumatic injuries, politics, deployments, angst, passion, romance and true love, this timely story is unforgettable. I especially enjoyed the love letters exchanged between Shane and Brooke at the beginning of the story. Ms. Marcus writes three-dimensional characters that readers cannot help but relate to, as well as emotions that are true-to-life. For these reasons and more, I am a fan of her work. Pick up a copy today and experience Ms. Marcus' world for yourself! I recommend LOVING YOU IS EASY to fans of contemporary and military romance.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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