Loving Lies
By Sarah W
Mar 26, 2006 - 10:05:00 AM

Jessie Benton and Slade Colter's relationship changed the night of her twenty-first birthday. After five years of mutual unrequited lust and love, Slade and Jessie came together in a passionate weekend of sensual and intimate exploration. Both Jessie and Slade were sure that this weekend was only the beginning of their happiness together. But as soon as the happiness hits him, devastation brings a tempestuous element to their budding relationship.

Jessie thought that her weekend with Slade was the perfect beginning to their love. Though she's nervous about being Slade's woman, Jessie is ready to make a commitment to him. But when Slade tells Jessie he can't be with her that she's not mature enough for him, heartbroken is only a pale imitation of what Jessie is feeling at Slade's rejection. Slade is equally desolate but he knows that he has something to do and unfortunately, Jessie can't share this adventure with him.

Five years later, Slade comes back determined to claim Jessie once and for all. He's going to tell her the truth and hope that she will once again gift him with her heart. But forgiveness isn't as easy as Slade had hoped, and Jessie isn't the sweet and innocent girl he grew up with. Is there any hope left for this lovelorn pair or has Slade's LOVING LIES destroyed their love forever?

Once again, Lora Leigh brings her trademark steamy sensuality and loving dissonance to create a phenomenal read in LOVING LIES. Jessie and Slade, their interactions, their lovemaking, and their continued longing for each other are what make this novel so strong. Their only weakness is their love for each other and as the novel progresses Ms. Leigh deftly turns that heartbroken weakness into an evolving strength for them both. Jessie and Slade are absorbing and fascinating characters whose love will touch your heart and heat your blood. The secondary characters help to push the conflict along while adding some spicy humor and touching male bonding moments. LOVING LIES: THE MEN OF SUMMER has it all: a compelling and stirring love story, likable and human characters, and enough conflict to keep the story moving along at a nice pace. Don't miss out on Lora Leigh's latest story!

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