Loving Sarah
By Afra
Feb 1, 2013 - 9:23:49 PM

Jesse Colter is everything that Sarah Marshall isn’t. She comes from old money; he’s worked hard to earn his. She’s a lawyer; he’s a retired Navy SEAL. She’s not an experienced lover; he’s a Dom.

Sarah knows that it’s just a matter of time before she falls prey to the town’s new Chief of Police, Jesse. She is ready to put Jesse behind her and flee town, but he seduces her with carefully placed caresses and his promises. Jesse wants to possess Sarah, body and soul. Her innocence kept him away eight years ago, but Jesse is not letting anything keep him from her this time around. When Jesse introduces Sarah to his best friend and fellow SEAL, Adam, Sarah knows that there’s no going back. Two dominant alpha males are exactly what Sarah needs, especially when a mysterious someone from her past is hell bent on destroying the happiness that she’s finally found.

LOVING SARAH is Julie Shelton’s first novel. It’s a ménage a trois contemporary romance that is neither forced nor rushed. Instead of diving right into the steamy parts, Ms. Shelton explains the past between Jesse and Sarah in a flashback manner. She builds on the passion between Jesse and Sarah, turning tension into love, and when Adam enters the mix, things heat up.    

I fell in love with Jesse. He’s every girl’s dream guy. Not only does he have a strong personality and avid mindset, but he possesses the ability to soften to those he loves. The things he does to protect Abby are so touching. Ms. Shelton did an excellent job of developing the characters in LOVING SARAH, leaving the reader with a vivid picture of what was going on and how everyone and everything looked in the novel.

LOVING SARAH is filled with gut wrenching moments that pull at your heart and make you want to say “aw” one moment and “did that really just happen” another. I would definitely recommend this book to any risqué romance fan who is willing to plunge into a less than traditional affair.

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