Loving Sophia
By Natalie
Feb 15, 2010 - 12:57:29 PM

Months ago Sophia made the mistake of telling her new boyfriend Ethan James how she felt.  The reason it was a mistake is the minute she told him things in their relationship began to change and before she knew it, Ethan was no longer calling her or returning her calls.  Sophia spent many sleepless nights crying over Ethan James, but she eventually got through it.  Suddenly he shows up again, and Sophia knows that her heart can’t take another beating.  So she does what she can to make Ethan go away.  Only, he doesn’t.

Ethan knows he is the biggest dog there ever was.  He knows he hurt Sophia, but he doesn’t have any excuse except fear.  His feelings for her have not wavered in the time they spent apart, and while Ethan is still afraid of commitment, being without Sophia for the rest of his life scares Ethan more.


As a woman, I am not sure I could have forgiven Ethan. I think I would have tried, like Sophia, to hold out and guard my heart.  I would have sought answers, like Sophia, as to why he acted the way he did.  Then I would have had to slowly understand my responsibilities involving a relationship of this magnitude.  Unlike Sophia, I would have probably blamed myself for Ethan’s abandonment.  I am glad Sophia is a strong character.  She knows what she wants, and while she knows she shouldn’t have told Ethan she loved him so early in their dating relationship, she is honest and basically that is how she felt. 


Excellent story combined with realistic emotions equals a great read in LOVING SOPHIA.  Jayelle Drewry has made the story come alive, and I really enjoyed it!

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