Loving the Beast - Fairytales Unleashed, Book 1
By Claudette
Jun 19, 2011 - 2:42:35 PM

Scarred, angry and isolated because of other people's reaction to his physical appearance, Xavier St. James lashes out at everyone who comes near him.  Including his brother's former fiancée Gwendolyn.  Like everyone else, she wants something from him; so in return he'll ask her to give him something the 'Beast' has been craving for a long time.

I never grew out of my childhood love of fairy tales so this was a real treat for me.  Don't we all love the story of Beauty and the Beast?

Gwendolyn Sinclair is the kind of person who can see the inner beauty and treat a person based on their character, rather than their outward appearance, which makes her pretty unique.   Xavier St James's stunning good looks were marred by scars resulting from the car accident that killed his father.  His friends and fiancé deserted him like rats streaming away from the sinking ship, leaving him with a lot of simmering rage caused by his loss.  The sophisticated elite barely bother to conceal their revulsion at his appearance.

Gwendolyn is the administrator and director of a community centre which needs further funding to continue its work.  Xavier's family runs a foundation that could help the community centre.  Xavier turns her down with regards to any possible help from the foundation.  He will give her the money from his own pocket for a price. 

Gwendolyn was previously engaged to Xavier's younger brother, and the three of them knew each other since childhood.  Seeing Gwendolyn again has awakened hungers Xavier never had the opportunity to sate.  He offers her the money for the centre, if she spends seven days and nights in his bed.  Gwendolyn is almost as appalled at his indecent proposal as she is aroused.  Seven days and nights to fully experience the sensuality that Xavier effortlessly exudes.  Conflicted, Gwendolyn agrees.

Anyone who has read and reread SWEET ULTIMATUM, Ms. Simone's first book at Ellora's Cave, knows that Ms. Simone knows how to deliver a powerfully emotive and seriously hot romance.  LOVING THE BEAST is no exception.  I fell in love with the characters and you will too.  I now can't wait to find out which fairytale will be next.

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