Luck Be a Cowboy
By Sarah W
Apr 1, 2008 - 3:12:14 PM

Sarah Monroe is determined to show her cheating fiancé that he made a big mistake. She is in the midst of breaking all the windows on his pickup when a man comes out of the bar and informs her that she has targeted his truck, not that of her ex-fiancé! Mortified, still angry, Sarah does not want to go to jail but what can she do?

Harper Reed just needs a woman to jump out of a birthday cake. Nothing too seedy, just something a little fun for his mentor. Instead, he gets an angry, but very beautiful, woman needing to keep him happy, else he could turn her into the police. Harper has no intention of having her arrested but he does need some help. A deal is struck and soon Sarah and Harper are experiencing a wild night of ups and downs, excitement, anger, and joy. Will the night that started off very badly turn into an opportunity for true love?


Stacy Dawn turns bad luck up on its head in this fun story. Harper and Sarah are definitely not a match made in heaven, but with a little luck, their relationship can go far. They share a rather energetic attraction. It sparks and sizzles, making for snappy dialogue and amusing encounters. Luck and love may not always make for the best companions, but in the case of Sarah and Harper, they realize they are incredibly lucky to have found each other. What started off as a night to be forgotten ended in something else entirely. LUCK BE A COWBOY is a sweet romance.

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