Luck be a Lady

Author: Cathy Linz

Publisher: Berkley

Release Date: October 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3

Format: Print

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Librarian Megan West, who loves wearing vintage dresses, has come to Las Vegas to celebrate her best friend Faith's wedding. Megan's plan is to make sure Faith's wedding goes off without a hitch. The ceremony starts out well until someone rushes in calling a halt to the proceedings. Police officer, Logan Doyle thinks his grandfather, Buddy, is about to get married, which he does plan to do with Megan's grandmother. But there's one big problem, seeing as Buddy is still married to his second wife and never signed the annulment papers.

Although Faith is safely married, Megan worries for her grandmother. And then she overhears her father and uncle talking about her mother, who she thought was dead all these years, but really wasn't. Megan's mother left when she was two-years-old and never looked back. Now Megan wants to locate her. Logan wants to make sure Megan stays out of trouble because he finds her too bossy for her own good. He'll travel with her as she investigates her mystery mother, which includes a trip to a brothel and a small ghost-like town where the residents expect Megan and Logan to get married or else.

Logan can barely keep his head on straight where Megan is concerned, and soon these two can't keep their hands off of one another. Can this former Marine and retro loving librarian make things work out, even if and when Megan meets her missing mother it may be a disastrous turn of events?

LUCK BE A LADY is a light contemporary romance where the two least likely people fall in love. Those who also enjoy an on the road tale where the two main characters constantly snipe at one another, will want to read this latest by Cathie Linz. This is definitely a type of romance that would appeal to those who don't want to read about too much drama, but more of a simple journey for two people who seem adrift in life.

Megan is very upbeat, while Logan is more down to Earth, and because of that they bring out the best in one another. Logan can't help but want to be protective of Megan, and that's where he really grows as a character. He may come across as tough as nails, but where Megan's concerned, he's a big puppy dog who needs love. And Megan is the perfect woman to give that to him.

LUCK BY A LADY has a few humorous moments, especially when Megan and Logan meets some eccentric characters. Cathie Linz is a pro at writing sweet romances, and this is yet another one her fans will gobble up and want more of.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Katie

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