By Sherree
Sep 10, 2006 - 2:33:00 PM

   Danae always dreamed that she and Brandt would get married.  Growing up next door to each other, Danae had overlooked the negative and looked for the good in Brandt.  The night of Molly's wedding, Brandt's sister, Danae was sent to find Brandt.  Going into the old mansion where the wedding party got ready, Danae thought she heard voices.  Opening the door, she got the shock of her life,  Brandt was in bed with Krystal, the maid of honor.  Turning and running out, she had no thought of where to go or what to do.  She only knew that she could not go back.

Kalin Lane once had the world at his finger tips, only to let it go for drugs and good times.  Years later, he has returned a new person.  He has turned his life over to God and is trying to be patient.  It seems that the only bands his manager can find are ones that party and do drugs.  After playing for the Emerson wedding, Kalin is more than ready to get home.  Thinking of the long ride home in the rain, Kalin almost trips over a young lady huddled in the rain and crying.

Kalin recognizes that the young lady is the one he enjoyed watching as he played.  What could have happened that would make her content to be in the rain?  Convincing Danae that riding on the motorcycle is safe, Kalin gets her back home.  Sleeping on the sofa, Kalin gets up and leaves before Danae has a chance to thank him.  Finding his name online Danae contacts Kalin.  With each email, they find their relationship deepening.  Will Danae let the pressure from her mother and Brandt cause her to open her heart to Brandt again?  Can Kalin help Danae to see that she has put her desire aside for those of others?  Will they both allow the Holy Spirit's leading to show that when you get to the end of everything you know, and you're about to step off into the darkness, one of two things will happen.  Either you will step on something solid or you will learn to fly.

Staci Stallings has written an eye opening story of two characters that are down on themselves.  With the encouragement from each other, they allow the Lord to work in their lives.  This story helped encourage me in dealing with others.  You can use the power of your word to encourage others or you can help put them down.  Thank you Staci for helping me to see what I should practice but often don't.  I am pleased to give this author a 4 blue ribbon rating.

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