Lucky Charm
By Michele Rioli
Sep 1, 2008 - 9:11:11 PM

All the Corwin men were cursed, according to town lore, when an ancestor made off with the fiancée of another man.  It turns out that the man’s mother was supposedly a witch so she declared that the Corwin men would meet with disaster in all affairs of the heart.  So far, it appears, all the Corwin men, including Derek Corwin, are unsuccessful in love, marriage and wealth.

Derek Corwin, a sexy as sin man, is trying hard to get his life on track despite his continual heritage from the Corwin curse.  Early on, in high school, he courts a lovely girl named Gabrielle, with whom he falls madly in love, but ends the romance before the curse could wreak its havoc.  Trying to avoid the bane of his existence, he marries Marlene, a woman he likes but doesn’t love.  He tries to make his marriage work because he has a great respect for family ties.  They also have a daughter, Holly.  He makes it big on Wall Street but, unfortunately, his marriage fails and he loses his money due to a bad decision.  What lies ahead for Derek’s future?


With a heavy heart, Derek moves back to his childhood home, with his Dad and his sad basset hound named Fred.  Unexpectedly, Derek’s ex-wife Marlene grants him limited custody of his eleven-year-old daughter Holly for the summer.  He looks forward to bonding with his daughter, but he is anxious about how he is going to handle a pre-teen, especially one as precocious as his daughter.  Finally, without any pressures from his job, he is able to set time aside and really get to know his daughter.  He is unaware that someone from his past, a LUCKY CHARM, is going to turn his life around in ways he never expects.


When Gabrielle Donovan, a writer of myths, comes sashaying back into town, life will never be the same again for the residents in the town of Stewart, including Derek.  Gabby is determined to demystify the legend of the Corwin curse and reclaim Derek with zest and determination, if he will have her.  Derek’s daughter Holly is charmed with Gabrielle and latches onto her like a best friend, eager to have female companionship.  Gabrielle plans to interview the town residents on the effects of the curse on all parties involved.  When unexpected threats start surfacing against Gabrielle after her speech at the local library regarding curses and her upcoming book, Derek takes her under his wing, so to speak, to keep her from harm.  His feelings for Gabby re-emerge as the two of them work together to uncover the person responsible for the danger.  Can Derek put aside his beliefs long enough to fall madly in love with Gabrielle again, despite the curse?  Will Gabby prove that a curse really does not exist?


I fell in love with Carly Phillips new novel, LUCKY CHARM.  It sizzles with sparks of lust and laughter as it tells the story of a family curse.  High school sweethearts Derek Corwin and Gabrielle Donovan are a match made in heaven but as luck would have it, they break up.  Actually, Derek, madly in love with Gabby, quickly calls it quits, to try to dispel the family curse before it dooms their romance.  Derek weds Marlene who he is fond of but doesn’t love and their marriage inevitably fails.  As Derek connects with his daughter Holly, their time spent together provides insightful reflection on his part as he re-evaluates his priorities in life, while he negotiates teen emotions.  Complex relationships, gossipy small-town life, steamy sexy situations, and a plot that is wickedly delicious will have fans eagerly clamoring for Carly’s next novel.  Carly’s humor laced tale contains more laugh-out-loud lusty romance than an afternoon soap opera!

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