Lucky Charms
By jhayboy
Mar 5, 2009 - 5:50:07 AM

What’s a guy to do when the object of his affection is determined to think of you as only a friend? That is exactly the position that Patrick Kaye finds himself in and he intends to do something about it by fair or foul means. His best friend is about to be treated to a real man, whether she approves or not.

Jada Michaels is at the end of her tethers, with all the loser guys that her friends have been parading through her door recently, she seriously wonders if there is any man out there who knows the meaning of romancing a woman, wooing a woman or making a woman feel like she’s the center of his world. Thank God she had her best friend Patrick to bend his ear with her problems.


Marie Rochelle knows her audience, LUCKY CHARM is another of her fantastic sexually filled novellas that sets your blood a boil and you’ll enjoy every minute of it. Jada just wants a little happiness in her life with a man who appreciates her, while all Patrick wants is the one woman he desires above all else to look at him like he is the center of her world. With neither Patrick nor Jada dealing with the matter, it’s touch and go to see where they’ll end up with their friendship or if they take it a little further.


What can I say, I love everything this woman does – LUCKY CHARM is wonderful.

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