Lucky's Strike
By Phyllis Ingram
Oct 11, 2004 - 12:53:00 AM

Kilgour is Chief Executive Officer of the Casino Royale which is the last hope of the Owejba Indians, a small, independent tribe in a remote part of West Virginia .  Charli is determined to keep Royale Casino a total Owejba operation.  Jane Crowe is her assistant, and Jane had graduated first in her class from Hotel Management School at the University of West Virginia .  She had been offered jobs from every hotel and resort chain when she graduated but wanted to return home to help the Owejba nation.

After winning on the million dollar slot machine and before he could even think, James Lucky Strikes was surrounded by many people at the Lucky Strike slot machine.  It looked like a party.  People congratulated him, slapped him on the back, and lots of confetti fell. Then the crowd parted and a vision walked toward him in a purple power suit. She wore stiletto heels, but Lucky could see that she was tiny and very well endowed. Lucky felt desire. This was strange because Lucky had not felt desire in over eight months.

Charli introduced herself and Lucky took her hand.  "I'm Lucky", he said, and she replied "You certainly are" and he explained that Lucky was his name, and that he was not accepting the money.  Charli could not believe it.  Then Lucky reached into his jeans pocket and flashed his state credentials.  "Surprise.  I'm the newly appointed commissioner of gaming for the state.  I believe you were expecting someone from my office."

Will Lucky be the one to be surprised?  Could he really refuse the million dollars?  A Million Dollars!!! What is Charli going to do to "the enemy"?  Why is Lucky really there?

LUCKY'S STRIKE was one more great story by Trixie Stilletto that I have had the pleasure of reading. Personally, I wish Trixie would write a novel instead of novellas. This story has believable sex and a misunderstanding seems real. Let's say, I will never look at gaming tables again quite the same.

This title in also available in the print titled: TRIXIE'S TREATS

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