Lucy Blue, Where Are You?

Author: Louise Harwood

Publisher: The Berkley Publishing Group

Release Date: January 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Lucy Blue rings in the new year by walking out on her control-crazy boyfriend, and impulsively accepting an invitation to a friend’s New Years party in Scotland.  The party isn’t the great escape she’d hoped for, and she plans for an early flight back to London.  The next morning an unexpected snowfall grounds all aircraft.  As she still has her rental car until midnight, she decides to keep it and drive home.  An ill-tempered rental agent informs her she was only insured to drive in Scotland, not England, and must now pay a large insurance surcharge. Taking her lead from the rest of the customers in the queue, Lucy agrees to share the cost and drive with someone.  The only other person going her way is the strikingly handsome man she’d noticed in the line, Jude Middleton.

To Lucy, the snow and the drive seem time out of place, as does her growing attraction to Jude - Lucy doesn’t speak to strangers, much less pick them up.  Despite the weather, the two enjoy their time together.  Their friendly conversation leads to a kiss, which leads to a hotel room.  Both agree that this is a one-time only thing, and go their separate ways at the end of the trip.


Back in London, Lucy returns to her unsettled life.  Her ex-boyfriend is causing problems, and she’s unsure about the career change she’s made.  Her thoughts keep returning to Jude and the time they spent together.  Then one day, she sees a sign in the train station that reads “Lucy Blue, Where Are You?” with a phone number at the bottom.  Could their chance meeting lead to the love Lucy has been dreaming of?


LUCY BLUE, WHERE ARE YOU? is a charming story of a young woman looking for her place in the world.  Jude and his family are central to the storyline, but this is really Lucy’s story.  With the exception of the first chapter, the book is written from Lucy’s point of view, and often dips into her thoughts about her life, the conversation at hand, or what she should say or do next.  I enjoyed seeing the world through Lucy’s eyes, and felt her emotions clearly as I read her story.  A sweet and lighthearted romance, with plenty of surprises for the reader, this is a delightful book to spend an afternoon with.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Leigh

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