Lucy's Double Diamonds
By Phyllis Ingram
Apr 3, 2004 - 4:26:00 AM

Malley works as a waitress at a small town cafe along with Mavis Johnson and is daydreaming about the type of man she wanted to make love with. In walks Matt Diamond , and Lucy falls flat on the floor. Lucy is not the most graceful woman; so before Matt picks her up from the floor, he notices her thighs and looks right down at her cleavage.  Matt totally notices this red-headed woman and does not want to.  He is only in town for a year on a construction job to remodel the old high school, and does not want any entanglements.  He just got rid of a crazy girlfriend of four years.

When Lucy came out with Matt 's order, Mavis was laughing with Matt like they were old friends.  It turned out that Matt was one of the boys who lived down the street from Mavis. She had not seen him since he was twelve which was eighteen years ago.


Matt really liked Lucy 's looks and thought her clumsiness was cute and decided to ask her out. She goes out with Matt , he is brutally honest in telling her what he would like to do with her, and they have many incredible nights together. After a month, Lucy is very happy and asks Matt to be her date for her 10-year class reunion.  She has lost weight since her days in high school, and would love to be able to flaunt him, in her cruel class mates? faces.


Does this plan go smoothly?  Why on the night of the reunion, does Matt 's crazy ex-girlfriend come to town with his brother?  What does he have to do to get rid of this woman?


LUCY 'S DOUBLE DIAMONDS is definitely an erotic story at the top of its game.  Ruby Storm has outdone herself with this. This story involves a menage and is so HOT; I absolutely had to put it down while reading, cool off, and then go back to finish. I thoroughly enjoyed the way Lucy stood up for herself and was not a wimp.  Ruby Storm is a very exciting writer and I look forward to reading her next project. Ruby is also the author of PAYTON'S PASSION.

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