Lucy’s Neighbors
By Chrissy Dionne
Nov 2, 2009 - 11:48:06 AM

Lucy Hills’ date has turned out to be a serious bust.  She never even made it to dessert and Lucy never skips dessert.  She had high hopes of ending a long dry spell and finally sharing a bed with a man but nope, looks like the only men worth considering are either gay or Ben & Jerry’s.  In either case, she’ll be hitting the sheets alone … again.


Steve and Doug have been together for the past nine years.  They love each other but there’s always been an understanding between them that at some point they’d be sharing their lives with a woman.  The problem is finding a woman who will be a perfect match for both of them.  Doug believes that Lucy would be a perfect fit for them but Steve isn’t convinced that Lucy would be open to the sort of relationship they’re proposing.


Since Lucy moved into the condo next door she’s shared plenty of dinners with Steve and Doug and really enjoys spending time with them.  She discovered early on that she has the perfect view of the men’s bedroom and thoroughly enjoys watching their lovemaking.  Of course, up until a week ago her voyeuristic activities had gone unnoticed but Doug caught her so now it looks like it’s time for her weekend peep shows to come to an end.  What she doesn’t realize is that now Steve and Doug have been clued in to the fact that she isn’t nearly as innocent as she appears the men are ready to find out exactly how perfectly she’ll fit into their lives.  The only trouble is that Lucy doesn’t believe they can possibly be serious about including her in their relationship.  It seems that Lucy’s ready to implement some big changes in her life and Steve and Doug will be only too happy to remain by her side every step of the way – assuming they can convince her that a permanent ménage relationship is exactly what they desire.


LUCY’S NEIGHBORS by Ava Rose Johnson is a fast paced enjoyable read full of red hot sweaty love scenes.  Have you ever seen a beautiful gay couple and felt just a touch of interest…not because you can imagine being with one or the other but wonder how it would be to be with them both?  With this story you’ll have the opportunity to live out that fantasy through Lucy’s eyes.  Lucy, Steve and Doug share a special friendship and love that draws the reader in and keeps you hot and bothered through each and every encounter and chuckling at Lucy’s audacity toward the end of the story.  Ms. Johnson successfully blends scorching sex with an emotionally filled storyline and the result is delightful.


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