By Alane
Jul 21, 2003 - 2:04:00 AM

Luke has done it again.  Dr. Luke Walker - head of the ER, skilled doctor, beloved by his patients – has once again managed to get himself in trouble by speaking his mind without a thought for the consequences.  Luke is always compassionate toward his patients, with a wonderful bedside manner.  Unfortunately when it comes to everyone else, Luke is gruff, difficult to get along with and blunt.  When the hospital donated a large sum of money to Healing Waters Clinic, Luke was furious.  Several low-paid hospital workers had just lost their jobs and the hospital could afford to fund an alternative-healing facility?!  Luke was very vocal about his displeasure and his disparaging remarks about the clinic did not go unnoticed.  To make up for it, Luke has to give up his Saturdays for the next three months and donate his time to the clinic.  He can’t imagine a worse fate.

Faith McDowell, director of Healing Waters Clinic, is angry when she hears the comments Luke has made about her facility.  Faith, who worked for many years as a nurse-practitioner, believes there is a need for the type of healing her clinic provides.  Funding is not easy to come by, and Faith and her staff work hard to keep the clinic afloat.  She can certainly use an additional pair of hands, even if it is only for one day a week.  While Dr. Luke Walker might not be her first choice, she knows his presence will lend credibility to the clinic.


The sparks fly between Luke and Faith, who disagree and argue about nearly everything.  Their co-workers see the sexual tension between the gorgeous, sexy doctor and the beautiful fiery redhead, but Luke and Faith both deny the attraction at first.  Both are loners, who are completely committed to their work.  Neither has anything left to give to a relationship, but as they spend more and more time together, they realize that they need to find a way to defuse the sexual tension.  After all, lust is just… lust.  Who says it has to lead to anything more?  But as they spend more time together, their passion and respect for each other deepen.  What will they do when Luke’s time at the clinic comes to an end?


The pages of LUKE flew by, and before I knew it, I had reached the end of the story.  It was tremendously satisfying, yet so enjoyable that it left me wanting more.  I enjoyed seeing a few old friends from previous books, too.  Jill Shalvis has written another steamy, humorous keeper!

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