Lullaby for Two

Author: Karen Rose Smith

Publisher: Silhouette Special Edition #1961: The Baby Experts Series

Release Date: March 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: Print

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Vince Rossi, single father of a seven-month-old baby, Sean Davidson, came back home to Sagebrush, Texas after twenty years.  Vince’s partner Scott, an Albuquerque homicide detective and his wife Carol, designated in their will for Vince to be the legal guardian of Sean. They were killed in a car accident when Sean was only five months old. Sean has not been adopted yet by Vince, but Vince thinks of Sean as his son and the adoption process has been started. Since surgery has been suggested for Sean, Vince has applied for and has been offered the position temporarily as Chief of Police of Sagebrush.

Dr. Tessa McGuire, pediatrician with the practice of The Family Tree Center, and former wife of Vince Rossi, becomes the doctor who treats Sean Davidson for his shoulder injury that occurred in the car accident that killed his parents. Vince realized treating Sean might be hard on Tessa. When they were teenagers, Tessa got pregnant, and Vince and she married before graduation.  While they were living in a small apartment, Vince was at work when she ended up having to have a hysterectomy. Her father had disapproved of the marriage disowning her, but when she lost the baby, she chose to go back home and live with her father instead of trusting Vince to care for her. This broke up their marriage, and Vince left town.  Tessa did keep tabs on him.


Tessa is now sharing a house with two female friends, Emily Diaz and Francesca Talbot.  Emily is an obstetrical nurse and Francesca is a neonatologist, with an office on the second floor of The Family Tree Center. The women share almost everything, but specifics on the patients. Naturally, they know that Vince is back in Sagebrush.


Why does Tessa keep a secret from Vince?  Does she still love him after all these years?  Does her father’s hatred for Vince still linger?


LULLABY FOR TWO is a heartfelt romance that will have you laughing, crying and making you wanting to forgive friends, as life is short and you just may not get that chance again. Karen Rose Smith is on my list of top favorite writers. I certainly look forward to Book Two and Book Three of this Baby Experts Trilogy.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Phyllis Ingram

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