Lush: Delicious book number three
By Sarah W
Apr 21, 2013 - 5:16:09 PM

Mary Whaley is a success story. She is a fabulous chef and business owner. She has a great group of friends and she leads a full life. While she has not met her Mr. Forever yet, Mary does not let that get her down. She loves her life. When she meets infamous rock star, Damien Hurley, at a friend’s wedding, she cannot resist a night in bed with him. Mary is sure that will be the last she sees of Damien but he has other ideas.

Soon, Damien is courting Mary, in the best way he knows how which is a bit off the beaten path of courtship. He is not used to falling hard for a woman while she maintains her life. Damien has never been second fiddle to anyone but he is starting to realize that Mary may want him in her bed but she has not let him in her heart…yet.

Lauren Dane is a master at sexy contemporary romances. Mary and Damien definitely set the sheets on fire, something I have come to expect from any Lauren Dane book. What sets this book apart is Mary herself. She is a woman with goals, friends, and dreams. She will not set those aside for Damien though she starts to realize that maybe, just maybe, she can include him in those things. I like that Mary did not adjust her life for him, at least at first. She does not fall at his feet expecting to be swept away. Damien truly has to work to woo Mary and well, as you can imagine, it is a great experience for both of them (to put it mildly!). LUSH is set against a backdrop of familiar characters from the DELICIOUS series and sometimes, that gets frustrating because some of the characters take the story away from Mary and Damien. Overall though, LUSH proves to live up to its title. Mary and Damien get swept away into a sumptuous romance neither was expecting. The enjoyment they get out of each other, both in bed and outside, doing ordinary things like cooking, being with friends, and just being with each other, makes this romance fresh and lovely. Lauren Dane wows.

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