Lust For Life

Author: Adele Parks

Publisher: Downtown Press

Release Date: November 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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In LUST FOR LIFE, Adele Parks tells us a story about two sisters that are different as night and day.  Martha is married to Michael they have two beautiful children Matthew and Massie and to Martha she thought life was going along just great.  Martha was a perfect wife to Michael at least she thought she was, always fixing his favorite foods, keeping the children quiet so he could sleep in when he was off, and keeping a clean, efficiently run home.  When Michael dropped the bomb on Martha that he was going to move out, Marthat just didn't understand what she had done wrong.  Even asking Michael why he wanted to move out Martha never got an honest answer the only thing Michael would tell Martha was that he just wasn't happy anymore.

For the first few weeks Martha went through all the stages of grief, she would cry, be mad then just past mad and be really angry.  At first Martha would beg Michael to come home, and they would even meet each week to see each other; but Martha could never get Michael to give her anything; but that he was just not happy anymore.

Now Eliza, Martha's younger sister had a life that just had no order to it, and her boyfriend of two years, Greg was happy living a life that had no order.  Eliza would see how Martha had her home always clean, the children were always clean and of course she had the perfect husband that had a job and had a retirement plan.  Eliza really thought that the life her sister had was what she wanted out of her life.  After making her decision Eliza told Greg that she was going to leave him and of course Greg had no idea what was wrong.  Greg thought they were happy with the way things were going in their lives.  Eliza told Greg she wanted the kind of life that her sister Martha had and she just didn't think he would ever be happy knowing what he was going to do everyday, so the best thing for the two of them was for her to move out.

While living with her sister, Eliza finally got Martha to go out to find a man.  Well Martha is the type of woman that falls in love fast, so the first man that Martha dances with she decides to only date him.  Martha has a lot of fun with Jack; but when they first met Jack told Martha that he had other naked friends, as he calls them so he wanted to be honest with her in the beginning.  Martha actually thinks she is going to be happy living that kind of life.  Martha does enjoy going out dancing and having fun; but the only thing that bothers he is that she just isn't the type of woman that can sleep around with more than one man at a time.

Eliza is miserable after she goes out with all of Martha's male friends and she just doesn't understand because they are everything that she thought she wanted in a man.  What Eliza really wants is Greg; but Eliza is just too stubborn to admit to wanting him.  Eliza is also afraid that maybe Greg may have found someone else while she was away trying to find the perfect man.  Will it be too late for Eliza and Greg or will Eliza let go of her pride and let Greg know that she was wrong and that the only man for her is him?

Now Martha knows in her heart that she is in love with Jack; but he has got a job offer over in New York and there is just no way that she can leave to go with him.  What will Martha do, especially now that just when she is over Michael he wants to try and work things out between the two of them.  Will Martha give into Michael so that she can have her family together or will she just have to trust in what she feels for Jack?

Adele Parks, shows the hurt that Martha and Eliza go through trying to get their lives back on track.  In LUST FOR LIFE you go away with a peace knowing that people can actually survive a broken marriage and that what you think you are looking for is staring you right in the face.  I loved LUST FOR LIFE; it made me want to jump in and shake Martha and Eliza both until they came to their senses.  Adele Parks puts it just like it really is for women when they go through a break up and shows what they have to do to finally get the LUST FOR LIFE back. 

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Tammy Kelley

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