Lying in Mid-Air
By Lacey
Dec 5, 2007 - 10:46:06 AM


Lauryn spends half of her time on airplanes, traveling from one boring place to another with her job. Her life has been nowhere near as glamorous as she’d like. That is until she meets Joel. He’s a photographer who’s supposedly seen the world, something she longs to do.

Chloe is a graduate student that enjoys translating Japanese poetry. She dreams about visiting Tokyo, yet harbors a fear of flying. But when she meets Joel, a photographer that enjoys a plate of sushi with her, she invites him back to her place and enjoys a night of passion that takes her higher than any airplane ever could.

Veronica is busy planning and developing her own escort service. She meets Joel in a sexy clothing shop near the local airport and hires him to photograph the ladies she employs. He not only takes an interest in her, but her roommate Imogene as well.

I enjoyed this story. The characters are well developed and the plot is fresh. Joel is a master manipulator but he has charming aspects about him that make him the quintessential ladies man. Each lady brings a problem to Joel and in a unique way, he tries to help them solve them. Ms. Tierney did a nice job creating a tale that gives a whole new meaning to little white lies.

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