Crime Tells - Lyric's Cop
By Contessa
Apr 1, 2005 - 1:31:00 PM

Lyric Montgomery is a private investigator for her grandfather's company called Crime Tells.  Lyric specializes in pet crimes.  Her latest case involves Anna Simmons, an elderly lady who was robbed of her three beloved dachshund dogs.  After reading about Anna's robbery, Lyric felt compelled to solve this case and Anna wholly agreed Lyric was the right person for the job-too bad Anna's grandson, Kieran opposed the idea.

Kieran Burke, a vice cop, is a master at busting criminals.  So it was only natural to investigate his grandmother's stolen dogs.  He felt insulted when his grandmother insisted he work with the PI she hired.  Kieran knew he was in deep trouble the moment he laid eyes on the enticing Lyric Montgomery.  Kieran is shocked to find himself deep in lust with Lyric and it seems Lyric feels the same about him.


Things become complicated when Lyric decides to take things in her own hands by investigating a potential suspect, concerning the missing dogs, who has a record of violating women.  Needless to say Kieran is not happy and he quickly lays down a few ground rules; however, he quickly finds out that Lyric continues to abide by her own rules so Kieran is forced to provide his unique kind of reprimand.


LYRIC'S COP is a dynamic, suspenseful tale that will keep you glued to your seat until the very end.  Both Lyric and Kieran heat up the pages with their wild erotic romance.  Instant attraction spark between them and it continues to blaze as the mystery leads Lyric and Kieran into more than just a simple missing dog case.  Ms. Strong did a tremendous job of creating a great emotional tie of what an owner feels when a pet is stolen.  I truly sympathized with Anna Simmons and was wishing her pets were found before it was too late.


I would recommend LYRIC'S COP to anyone who is in need of a scorching hot, fast-moving, thrilling read!

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