Desire (The Dining Club: Part 1)

Author: Marina Anderson

Publisher: Forever (Grand Central Publishing)

Release Date: August 20, 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5

Format: EBOOK

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Theater director Grace knows that she’s fallen in love with David whom she’s been dating for the past six months, but it’s obvious that he’s holding back and isn’t quite there yet with her.  Their sex life is fabulous and she’s content with the way their relationship is progressing.  However, things are about to change… David’s invited her to a weekend at his private club but he’s not very forthcoming about the club itself or what they’ll do once they’re there which is as exciting as it is disconcerting.

David has dark sexual needs that he hasn’t yet explored with Grace and he’s not entirely sure what her response is going to be once he does reveal them.  The weekend at the Dining Club will either make or break them as a couple, though he certainly hopes it will be the later.


The Dining Club is a special club where guests are taught to open their minds and bodies to all sorts of sensual pleasures.  Through a series of erotic challenges Grace will be put to the test, if she passes she’ll progress to the next table with the higher numbered tables being the most advanced – if she fails, the test comes to a close and David and Grace will part ways. 


As the first in the serial THE DINING CLUB, DESIRE is more or less just a setting up of the plot.  You get to meet the characters, get a glimmer of what might be to come in the plot and a basic understanding of what the Dining Club is all about.  Think of an erotic board game with each turn resulting in a different experience.  Honestly, I like Grace but I get the sense that she doesn’t really want to take part in the ‘game.’  The verdict is still out on David, so far he feels manipulative and that does bother me but it’s obvious Grace sees something in him so I’ll withhold judgment – for now.  I also sense that there could be some issue between Grace and another woman at the club who seems to believe David belongs to her, but with less than fifty pages to this segment of the story it’s really hard to know how she’ll play into the situation.  Reading DESIRE did make me curious about the rest of the story and exactly what will take place at the Dining Club as well as how Grace will respond to everything that’s to come.


THE DINING CLUB is comprised of eight serial sections which will be released weekly until it’s conclusion on October 8, 2013.










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