Mandi's Lucky Day
By Ansley Cooper
Jul 1, 2008 - 9:03:20 AM

Beth Morrow remembers that love isn’t a catch and release sport in MANDI’S LUCKY DAY.  Conservative and commitment-oriented women are often overlooked in modern fiction.  If you consider yourself in that category, this novella is for you.

Mandi Carlton is looking for old-fashioned love that will last through the ages.  Unfortunately, she’s living in a world where her peers believe that casual dating is all any woman should be looking for.  After all, the men their age aren’t ready to set family ties, so why should they?  All Mandi has to remind her that love is more than flash fires is a pair of emerald earrings left to her by her aunt.  That is, until she loses one of them.

Alex Morgan is an advertising vice president without a date to the company ball.  When he finds the earring, he returns it with a proposition for Mandi:  be his date for the event with no talk of business.

MANDI’S LUCKY DAY is a reminder that there was romance before all-access technology and fast living.  Chance encounters can bring people together and reveal common ground that goes beyond attraction.  What is love but the first blush of lust having worn away leaving mutual respect and genuine affection?  The novella left this reviewer with a warm heart and wistful wishing for more.

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