Maya's Gold

Author: Mary Vine

Publisher: Black Lyon Publishing, LLC

Release Date: October 1, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: E-Book and Print

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After her father’s unexpected death and a broken engagement, Maya Valentine is hoping for a summer to heal in her family’s remote Oregon cabin. Instead, as a favor to a dear friend who is ill, she finds herself an impromptu tour guide for a handsome writer.   

Stanton Black is researching for his upcoming novel.   He is also recovering from an attempt on his life.   His research is stalled when the town-historian, who was to be his guide, develops pneumonia.   In her stead she sends a quite unsuitable replacement, Maya Valentine.  While Maya is an educator, she doesn’t know a lot about the area.   She’s neither an experienced tour guide nor a historian.   Stanton doesn’t complain.   Her exotic gypsy heritage and her unpredictable actions intrigue him.   


Maya is attracted to Stanton, but he reportedly is engaged to an actress.   She resolves to keep their relationship strictly platonic and it’s not an easy task.


The area once had several gold mines, and it had always been her father’s dream to mine his land.   Maya finds someone is mining on her property without permission and her discovery is followed by a break-in at the cabin. The police fail to apprehend the intruder, and she takes on the job herself.   Her search for the perpetrator sets off a series of increasingly dangerous events that involve both Maya and Stanton.      


Maya’s Gold is a wonderful read which I thoroughly enjoyed.   This is a sweet love story with a hunky hero, a loveable heroine and a cozy mystery.   Mary Vine weaves an interesting tale and beautifully captures small town life.   There’s a wonderful balance of suspense, humor and romance.   I’ll definitely look forward to reading more from this author.     

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Lisa

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