Breathless Trilogy, Book 2 - Fever
By Chrissy Dionne
Jun 4, 2013 - 5:44:57 AM

Best friends and business partners Jace, Ash and Gabe are all powerful men who’ve thoroughly enjoyed the plethora of women who’ve come their way as well as all the other pleasures life has to offer.  While Gabe is now happily engaged to Jace’s younger sister Mia, Ash and Jace are still single and more than happy to move on to their next conquest – together.   

When Jace becomes fixated on a server during Mia’s engagement party Ash immediately goes against his wishes and approaches her with a proposition for a threesome.  What Ash doesn’t realize is that for the first time ever, Jace doesn’t want to share.  He wants this woman all to himself and his obsession with her only grows as he begins to realize the seriousness of her particular situation.


Homeless and hungry Bethany takes an assortment of odd jobs that pay cash so she can survive without being completely dependent on the good will of others.  Her biggest downfall is Jack, her brother, who disappears and reappears on a whim and always needs money – which she provides when she can.  Normally Bethany would have turned down Ash’s proposition but once she meets Jace she feels a connection and decides to indulge in a little comfort and pleasure before reality descends again and she’s back on the streets living hand to mouth.


While the entire threesome situation with Bethany might be nothing more than another sexual encounter for Ash, for Jace it’s an experience with a woman he can easily fall in love with and a study in control because he doesn’t want Ash touching Bethany at all – ever.  There’s nothing he’s going to let stand in the way of being with Bethany, but that might be easier said than done because she comes with a lot of baggage – and none of it good.  Jace wants to control every facet of Bethany’s life and be the only man in it, but she’s not about to turn her back on Jack and even though she’s afraid of what the future might bring, Bethany isn’t going to allow any man to control her or assume the worst about her.


Maya Banks’ BREATHLESS trilogy follows the lives of Jace, Ash and Gabe as they struggle to stay upright on the slippery slope of romance.  In FEVER, readers are treated to Jace’s story as he falls in love and ruthlessly pursues a woman most people of his social standing would consider completely unsuitable.   Ms. Banks’ doesn’t shy away from controversial topics such as homelessness, drug use and addiction and because of that her characters are easy to relate to and empathize with.  I love the friendship Jace, Ash, Gabe and share and how easily Bethany seems to fit in with the longtime friends.  Of course, Mia’s easy acceptance of her presence in Jace’s life does help smooth the way for her.  All in all I’d say FEVER is a wonderfully enticing read, maybe even addictive, because I have to confess I’m eagerly awaiting the next title in this trilogy now.


FEVER is the second title in Maya Banks’ BREATHLESS trilogy.  Keep your eye out for the other releases (the dramatically beautiful covers of water, ice and fire are hard to miss!)

RUSH – released in February 2013

BURN – due to be released in August 2013


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