Red Hot Summer - Reckless
By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 1, 2008 - 4:29:02 PM

J.T. Summers may be a bad-ass sheriff and protector of the little town of Barley but when it comes to his best friend’s little sister he’s whipped!  Ever since Nikki graduated from the university and returned home she’s been pursuing him and he’s running out of places to hide.  He can’t even claim that he doesn’t want her, but there’s just the little issue of the promise he made to her brother to keep an eye on her.

Nikki Durant is in hot pursuit and she’s not going to give up until she’s got her man. She’s been in love with J.T. for as long as she can remember.  In fact he’s the one reason she’s returned to the tiny town she’s always hated.  Since every single one of her ambush attempts has met with failure it’s time to turn up the heat and call in the reserves - The Morgans.


For the most part J.T.’s evasion tactics are working.  Nikki’s even gone so far as to get herself arrested just so that he’d be forced to deal with her - to no avail.  If there’s any hope of catching him unguarded then she’s going to have to get sneaky and ask Jasmine for her help. 


Nikki’s aware of the fact that Jasmine’s married to Zane so showing up at their ranch and catching Jasmine in a lip lock with Zane’s little brother Seth is extremely disconcerting.  There are certain aspects of the Morgan’s relationship that Nikki’s unaware of but that doesn’t stop her from voicing her opinion about Jasmine’s cheating.  Fortunately Jasmine sees the humor in Nikki’s tirade and agrees to aid and abet.  She places the phone call that ensures that J.T. feels safe in sneaking over to the Morgan’s for a dip in the pool - only when he arrives he finds a very naked Nikki lying in wait. 


There’s only so much a man can take and J.T.’s reached the breaking point.  Resisting her is futile but is he truly prepared for the emotional impact that will result from such reckless behavior?


RECKLESS had me snickering from the very first page.  Nikki’s bold pursuit of J.T. and his attempts at evasion are just too comical for words.  This book is hot even before the first love scene but it simply smolders afterwards.  Nikki and J.T take on realistic traits that make them feel very much alive as you read about their blunders, misunderstandings and emotional overload.  When looking for a hot read full of emotion and characters you can relate to you can always count on a Maya Banks story to deliver!


If you want to know more about Jasmine, Zane and Seth’s unique relationship then be sure to pick up a copy of BRAZEN.  It’s another ‘not to be missed story’ you’ll want to delve into as well. 


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