Sweet, Book 3 - Sweet Seduction

Author: Maya Banks

Publisher: Berkley Heat

Release Date: October 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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Salon owner Julie Stanford has done everything in her power to attract Nathan Tucker’s attention – all to no avail.  Aside from his weekly massages the man doesn’t seem to notice she’s alive and being able to touch his naked flesh with no hope of anything more in the near future is really taking a toll on her libido.  It’s time to move on to a man who actually wants her but first, she’s going to give him a little taste of what he could have had if only he hadn’t been so obtuse.  Then she intends to resign as his massage therapist and enlist Damon’s help in bringing her fantasy of really great sex to life.

Nathan Tucker isn’t oblivious to Julie.  He just hasn’t figured out how to get around her prickly personality to make his intentions known.  Unfortunately he’s taken too long and Julie’s final swan song during his last message session has him panicking.  She’s avoiding him and he’s beyond frustrated.  Compound that with the newfound knowledge of her request to Damon and he’s ready to spit nails.  If Julie thinks some other man is going to fulfill her naughty little fantasies then she’s dead wrong.  Nathan’s more than ready to see that her desires are met – all her desires, even those he doesn’t find appealing.


Julie’s no shrinking violet and when she decides to exorcize Nathan from her system she goes big!  First step - give the man the most exciting sexual experience of his life – and then dump him on his nice firm ass.  Second step – ask Damon to hook her up with a fantasy ménage at The House only she doesn’t want to see the men involved.  She’ll be blindfolded so that she can experience the pleasure without knowing who’s involved.  When Nathan learns about her plans he just about blows a gasket.  As far as he’s concerned Julie belongs to him and it’s high time she learns that little fact.  He’s well aware that he screwed up where she’s concerned and there’s no way he can prevent the ménage from happening.  Of course he could manipulate her plans – just a little.  The simple fact that she requested the blindfold will allow him to participate in the scene without her knowledge and his friend Micah is perfectly willing to help him.   Nathan is very possessive and uncomfortable with the thought of sharing Julie.   The most troubling aspect of this whole scenario is Nathan’s guilt over what he feels is a betrayal.  Will he ever be able to convince Julie to give him a second chance?


Maya Banks never fails to tell compelling tales that evoke an emotional reaction in readers.  With SWEET SEDUCTION Julie’s fiery personality and candid comments kept me on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what she’d do next, yet there’s a vulnerability to her that lurks just beneath the surface and allows readers to feel a connection to her.  Nathan is a typical clueless male and his confusion over Julie’s behavior makes him absolutely adorable.  In addition to the battle of wills between Julie and Nathan readers are gifted with insight into the relationships with the characters from the first two SWEET books as well as a stunning revelation about Micah that leaves me very anxious for the next story to be released. 


SWEET SEDUCTION is the third book in Maya Banks’ SWEET series.  They’re all wonderful sexy stories with interconnecting characters so if you haven’t done so already, I highly recommend picking up copies of the other titles.

SWEET SEDUCTION and SWEET PERSUASION – and don’t forget to reserve a copy of SWEET TEMPTATION which is due to be released in April 2010.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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