Sweet Surrender
By Chrissy Dionne
Feb 4, 2008 - 3:48:56 AM

Having lost his best friend and partner Alex in the line of duty Grayson Montgomery isn’t sure he’s really ready to return to his job.   After talking to Mick Winslow, Alex’s father, and being stonewalled by police bureaucracy, it’s obvious that Alex’s murder will go unpunished - a fact he will not allow to happen.

Mick’s looking into the circumstances surrounding his son’s death has garnered information which the current chief of police chooses to completely disregard.   Mick’s hopes of catching a killer lie in enlisting Gray’s help and the belief that Faith Malone’s tenuous link to her mother can lead them to the man in question - Eric Samuels.


Faith Malone works for her adopted father, William, at Malone and Sons Security.   She’s a simple girl just trying to find happiness in life after surviving a difficult childhood caring for her drug-addicted mother.   The only time she hears from her mother is if she needs money and hasn’t heard from her in a year.


Through Mick’s connections, Gray secures a job at the security company which puts him in the perfect position to get close to Faith.   On his very first day there he witnesses her reaction to a phone call which he believes to be from her mother.   Faith isn’t anything like he expects and he feels bad for using her in an attempt to get to her mother and Samuel.   Gray finds it difficult to remain detached from Faith and the more he learns about her the faster his attraction grows.   It reaches a breaking point when he learns that she’s visiting a sexual fantasy club referred to as The House.   There’s no way sweet, innocent little Faith could possibly know what she’s getting herself into - or so he thinks.   Faith has done all the settling she’s going to for vanilla sex and passive men.   She’s looking for a real man - one who’s willing to take control and make her feel safe and protected and there’s no denying that many aspects of Dominance and submission turn her on in a big way.   Gray’s dedication to finding Alex’s killer has never wavered but he’s drowning in guilt for his deception.   Faith’s refusal to cave into her mother’s pleas for money puts her in an extremely precarious position, especially since Samuels refuses to take ‘no’ for an answer.   Can Gray protect Faith and still manage to catch a killer?   And how will Faith feel about being ‘used’?


With her newest release, SWEET SURRENDER, Maya Banks delivers all the intensity and sexual tension that have quickly endeared her to readers.   From the moment each character is introduced in this story they take on a very personal ‘friend’ quality and I found that I wanted to know more about each and every one of them.   I got a huge laugh out of Faith’s venture into The House - not because she was shocked by anything that went on in there but because of how Gray reacts.   I swear you could practically feel the rage radiating off of him over the thought of another man touching ‘his woman.’   I especially developed a fondness for Damon, the proprietor of The House.   He’s so genuinely likeable and up-front about his own desires that I’m hoping we’ll see more of him in a future book - as well as Faith’s brothers - you just have to love these guys!


SWEET SURRENDER has it all - sexual tension, suspense, characters that live on in your memory even after you’ve put the book down, but most importantly there’s a feeling that you belong - that you’re part of this group of people. Maya Banks's storylines are always full of situations that captivate readers, but it's the emotional pull you experience which brings the stories to life.   Beautifully written!


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