The Daddy Issue
By Chrissy Dionne
Jun 11, 2009 - 7:13:00 PM

Daniel Nicholson built his advertising business from the ground up. He's received all sorts of awards and honors, including at one point the title of "Chicago Bachelor of the Year." Beautiful women are constantly vying for his attention, but he’s unable to muster any enthusiasm for any of them. It’s a lonely existence, but then he learns that he fathered a child who is now four-years-old and he’s determined to uncover the truth behind the woman who’d left him without telling him that she carried his unborn daughter.

Gretchen Parks had been dumped at the altar and met Daniel while crying into her beer at a Chicago bar. They’d had a brief fling, but neither of them were looking for anything serious. Gretchen made the decision to move back to her hometown of Marydale, Ohio and opted not to tell Daniel that their short affair had resulted in a pregnancy. Gretchen’s worries about Daniel finding out about Amy have just become a reality and now she must figure out how to explain his presence to their daughter.

Daniel runs into one of Gretchen's school friends who mentions to him in that Gretchen has had a daughter and then shows him a picture of the little girl. The little girl bears an uncanny resemblance to pictures he’s seen of his mother as a child. He’s right in the middle of one of the biggest deals of his career but the possible existence of a child - his child - is too important not to verify or disprove. He fully expects the little girl to be his daughter, what he doesn’t expect is the joy he finds at that revelation or his intense need to be part of her life. It’s obvious that Amy really wants a ‘daddy’ in her life. Gretchen has a male friend who’s ready, willing, and able to step in as Amy’s daddy, Daniel’s never wanted children and his life is in Chicago, should he step back and allow the other man to take his place in Gretchen and Amy’s lives? Or will he discover everything that makes him happy is right there in the little community in Ohio?

Melissa Beck’s THE DADDY ISSUE offers readers more than just the typical ‘secret baby’ storyline. While Amy’s existence is what initially brings Daniel to Marydale, he finds a purpose and enjoyment to life while he’s in Marydale that he hadn’t felt before. Daniel and Gretchen are initially wary of each other after so much time and now there’s Amy to consider as well. Gretchen fears that Daniel will try to take custody of Amy. Daniel doesn’t feel like he can trust Gretchen, after all he’s already missed four years of his daughter’s life because she never told him that she was pregnant. Trust won’t come easily for either of them, but they’re bound together by a little girl and one way or another will have to find a way to make peace with the past and each other.

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