Raising Cain, Book 4 - Binding Love

Author: Maggie Casper

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: September 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Since his return to Chaos, Texas, Cooper McCain has tried hard to get on with his life and forget about the lovers he left behind.  Sure he’s moodier than normal but the feelings he has for Mallory and Liam are complicated enough without bringing them home to meet the family.  The last thing he needs is either of them to follow him to Chaos but that’s exactly what happens when his little sister Casey issues Mallory an open invitation to wreck havoc on his life.

Mallory Johanson hurt Cooper terribly when she turned her back on him at a pivotal moment.  She regrets her actions and wants desperately to fix the relationship she singlehandedly destroyed – only Cooper won’t talk to her.


Liam Jacoby is very confident in his love for Mallory and Cooper.  While Mallory and Cooper struggle with their fears and misconceptions, Liam’s dominant personality and ability to keep control in a tenuous situation aids in keeping Mallory from overwhelming Cooper with her pleas to give them another chance. 


For Cooper, it’s not just the fear of being hurt or rejected by Mallory and Liam that’s keeping him from caving into his desire for his old lovers.  It’s the fear of what his family will think of him if he decides to risk everything and confess to his deep dark secret.  His brothers are both ‘manly men’ so how will they respond to the idea that Cooper is bi-sexual?  There’s also the little issue of Liam’s dominance.  It’s obvious that Mallory gets off on Liam’s command of her but Cooper isn’t submissive and while he may like an occasional swat and barked order he has no interest in assuming that sort of sexual position in the relationship full time.  Mallory and Liam aren’t going to be content to be his ‘closet lovers’ and realistically Cooper knows that if there’s any chance of the relationship between the three of them to work then he’s going to have be honest about who he is and what he wants and pray his family accepts Liam and Mallory’s place in his life.


Just when you thought Maggie Casper’s RAISING CAIN series couldn’t get any more delightful, it does.  Cooper’s inner turmoil over his bi-sexuality, his lovers’ sudden appearance and his worry over his family’s reaction to his news kept me in a constant state of worry over what the outcome will be.  It’s impossible to ignore the passion between Cooper, Liam and Mallory even though it is tempered by so much uncertainty.  Somehow as a reader you just know things will work out for this trio but when you throw in the question of whether or not Cooper’s family will accept Liam and Mallory it just adds a whole new level of concern to the mix. 


I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the McCain family since I first started reading this series and love how even though all of the siblings’ relationships with their significant other (or others, as the case may be) are very different, they stand united as a family and support each other.  Amidst so much ugliness and prejudice in the world it just gives you a sense of wellbeing and hopefulness.


BINDING LOVE is the fourth title in Maggie Casper’s RAISING CAIN series. 

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By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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