Tricks and Treats: Tied and Tempting

Author: Maggie Casper

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

Release Date: October 10, 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Mira Collins is in full-blown lust with her boss Nash Jameson and she’s finally got the opportunity (and the nerve) to fulfill her naughtier fantasies.   The discovery of an invitation on his computer to a Halloween bash at Club D/s tempts her into finally going after the man she desires and satisfying her curiosity about a lifestyle that’s intrigued her since her sister Aubrey tempted her to start reading erotic romances.

Nash Jameson is no stranger to the BDSM lifestyle.   In fact he’s a silent owner and board member of Club D/s.   Mira seeing the invitation to the club’s Halloween bash had been intentional on his part - her quietness and calm attract him and he has a yearning to be the man to draw out her passionate moans and cries.  


Nash has no idea if Mira will actually take the bait and show up at Club D/s but he is hoping that she will.   What he doesn’t realize is that she’s just as anxious for an evening at Club D/s.   She has every intention of seducing Nash and she’s even done some research into the BDSM lifestyle but nothing prepares her for the reality of being in such a situation and the sights and sounds are almost overwhelming.   Fortunately Nash approaches her before she changes her mind and bolts from the club.   As he shows Mira around the club and introduces her to things she never imagined would turn her on, her fear almost overpowers her and she almost leaves but Nash’s challenge to experience a bit of the lifestyle with him proves to be exactly the incentive she needs to indulge in her curiosity and her desire for Nash.


Maggie Casper gives readers yet another panty-soaking read with her contribution to Ellora’s Cave’s TRICKS AND TREATS series with her short story TIED AND TEMPTING.   Even if you aren’t into the BDSM lifestyle you’ll find the characters and situations in this story hard to resist, especially once Nash and Mira get some one-on-one time and give in to their own naughty desires.   I experienced a myriad of emotions within the short time I read this story and didn’t want it to end.   In fact, I’m very curious about what happens with Mira’s twin sister, Aubrey and Vance and I’ve got my fingers crossed that they’ll get a story of their own - it’s quite obvious that Aubrey’s a little on the wild side and Vance thinks she needs a keeper.   I’ll definitely have my eye out for a story for them.   As with every book I’ve ever read by Maggie Casper this is a definite ‘must read.’


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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