Sin on Skin (Cougar Challenge, Book 6)
By Chrissy Dionne
Aug 22, 2013 - 12:00:45 PM

Stevie Jones desperately needs to break out of her self-imposed boring existence.  Realistically she knows there’s more to life than work and home but nothing really excites her – until her friend Monica turned her on to erotica novels and dragged her to the Romanticon convention.  There she met a wonderful group of women who, much like her, love younger men.  The bond was formed and the Tempt the Cougar blog was born. 

With the blog the women could share pictures, share jokes, stay connected, and issue challenges that weigh on your mind and libido.  Monica threw down the gauntlet when she challenged the ladies to get out there and find a younger man.  Quit dreaming about it, just do it!  Easier said than done for some of the woman and Stevie knows it’s near impossible for her.  She’s horribly afraid of rejection and all the men she knows are scientists or accountants.  There’s not a single alpha werewolf in the bunch – and that’s what she desperately desires.  The only alternative she can think of to do that’s a little wild and out of the norm for her is to get a tattoo.  She’s thought about it for years, it’s time to finally do it!


Tattoo artist Errol sees much more to Stevie than her button down attire and a craving for a bit of ink.  She’s a woman in dire need of letting loose of her control and inhibitions and he’s just the guy to help her do so.  While he works on her tattoo Errol talks with Stevie and even gets her to open up about her fantasies and revels the fact that she’s interested in BDSM.  Errol might be younger but he has the experience she needs in a Dom and owns a club that caters to their particular kink. 


Stevie might have thought she was just opening the doors to her wild side a crack when she entered the tattoo parlor, but in reality what she does is charge through them with no holds barred and eagerly embraces everything Errol can show and teach her.  Stevie might have believed she didn’t have it in her to go through with the Cougar Challenge but in the end she not only rises to the challenge, but blows it out of the water.  She may have been the tame one amongst the Cougars and felt like she didn’t really fit in… not anymore!


Mari Freeman’s SIN ON SKIN is more daring than the previous COUGAR CHALLENGE series books, but certainly no less entertaining.  Stevie’s hidden her desires behind a professional façade and doesn’t seem to know how to break free of that persona.  Without her fellow cougars and the Tempt the Cougar blog, she might have never had the courage to get a tattoo or accept Errol’s offer to introduce her to the BDSM lifestyle.  While Stevie and Errol’s relationship isn’t all hearts and flowers or even necessarily exclusive  you can see a genuine fondness between them that has the potential to develop into a happily-ever-after.


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