Opening The Door
By Dina Smith
May 29, 2004 - 3:54:00 PM

OPENING THE DOOR takes place seven months later, Jack and Josie's relationship becomes much more serious yet neither has shared the news with their families. Since they have grown up together their families thought nothing of them sharing the same apartment. Josie knew the minute her family found out they would be pushing for a wedding date and neither were really sure if that is what they wanted.

As the holidays are approaching, Josie's mother invites them both to her house for the festivities along with Jack's parents. Since the families have known each other forever, it was not at all unusual for them to get together for Passover. Can Jack and Josie control their passion for each other long enough to get through the holiday or will they decide it is finally time to let the family in on their secret?

OPENING THE DOOR is a great sequel to Playing The Game. Jack and Josie are such great characters. I loved hearing how their relationship was progressing and adding the families to the story gave it the perfect touch. Megan Hart has such a great writing style she can easily heat up a room with her words and I would highly recommend reading any of Ms. Hart's books, you will never be disappointed.

This title is also available in the print title ALWAYS YOU.

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