Playing The Game
By dina smith
Aug 23, 2003 - 11:32:00 PM

Josie Levine and Jack have been friends since they were kids, as they got older the games just changed. Josie had just ended a long relationship and was feeling a little down, so to cheer her up Jack suggested they go to “The Vault” to play the game. They have been playing it for years, points are awarded for predicting what other people will do to flirt with them. Josie has a problem every time Jack touches her, she finds it harder to fight her feelings for him. When they share a passionate kiss; Josie runs out of the club. Josie is worried she may have lost her best friend. But when he shows up at her door soaking wet, demanding that they talk; it’s not talking that she wants. With one kiss, neither of them can deny the passion between them any longer.

Megan Hart has done a great job in making you feel the fear and the passion that these two characters felt for each other. The only thing wrong with this story is it ended much too quickly for me, I guess I will just have to read it a lot.

This title is now available in the print title ALWAYS YOU 

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