Ugly Stick Saloon, Book 5 – Boots and Roses

Author: Myla Jackson

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: July 16, 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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It’s been two long lonely yeas since Bunny Leigh’s divorce and she’s not quite ready to hop back on the road to heartache just yet. Never mind that her ex-husband’s done so already.  He’s even engaged to the woman he cheated on her with, and to make matters even more interesting, the happy couple hired her to make the flower arrangements for the wedding.  Lacey’s not exactly bitter about her divorce but that doesn’t mean she’s not still reeling from the experience, after all she is stuck paying Ray for half of her business – community property and all that. 

Jack Monahan serves as the town sheriff deputy.  He stops by Bunny’s flower shop on a regular basis to buy roses for his mom.  What Bunny doesn’t know is that his mother is allergic to flowers and Jack’s visits are merely an excuse to see her.  He hasn’t had a steady relationship since his girlfriend Stacy death in a senseless accident, but now he’s ready to give love another shot – with Bunny.


Cory McBride works part time making flower deliveries for Bunny but also works as a waiter and stripper for the Ugly Stick Saloon.  The money from the Ugly Stick saloon gig helped finance his way through school and provided a healthy nest egg, while the experience of working for Bunny gave him a reason to be near her several times a week without looking like a stalker.  He’s getting ready to head off to Dallas for med school but before he goes he wants to let Bunny know how he feels about her and hopes she’ll feel the same way.


It’s the Annual Cowboy Auction taking place at the Ugly Stick Saloon and things are bound to get wild.  Alcohol, sexy cowboys being auctioned off, women unleashing claws to get the man of their choosing, and everyone having a great time – well maybe except for the deputy who’s bound to have a bruised butt from all the pinching the women are doing.  Bunny provided the decorations for the event and intends to watch the festivities but doesn’t plan to do any bidding herself.  Temptation proves to be too much though when Cory and Jack join forces and are auctioned off together.  She might not have much money but there’s no way she can resist bidding on her favorite fantasy team.  She’s blissfully unaware that the men orchestrated it so that she would win them in the auction.  Cory and Jack are best friends and they’re aware of each other’s interest in Bunny.  Rather than fight it out they decide to go with ‘ladies choice’ – she can have either man or both men together – and they’d really love it if she’d seriously consider keeping them long term and not let her ex’s attitude taint what they share.


I’d say get your bidding paddles ready but apparently Cory and Jack have already snared Bunny’s attention and no other woman has a chance of winning their hearts.  Myla Jackson’s BOOTS AND ROSES is the fifth title in her UGLY STICK SALOON and it’s a rip roaring boot stomping good time complete with a heroine who doesn’t think she’s good enough for the men and an ex who really should have never existed in the first place.  Cory, Jack and Bunny are absolutely adorable together and there’s no way she can resist them when the men join forces.  Her only problem seems to be her ex’s hold over her because of his partial ownership of her shop.  BOOTS AND ROSES is a wonderful read and great addition to the UGLY STICK SALOON series. 

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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