Buckling Down – A Wild Ride Story

Author: Moira Keith

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: May 5, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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At twenty-seven years of age, rodeo and film heartthrob Levi McKenna has his eyes set leaving on Las Vegas a champion.  He’s let fame sideline him for a while but now he’s back on track and determined that nothing will prevent him from achieving his goals – and since he’s single there isn’t even a woman to distract him.

Sydney Hart is the little sister of his good friend Dusty and she’s part owner of a Las Vegas bar called Cowboy Up.  Of course Levi doesn’t know that before stepping foot in the bar and witnessing her rendition of Kelley Pickler’s ‘One of the Guys.’  He’s always thought she was beautiful but watching other men drool over her inflames all his possessive instincts.  He made a promise to Dusty years ago that he’d never touch Sydney – but some promises are meant to be broken.


Sydney has lousy taste in men and never has any trouble attracting jerks.  Her last boyfriend is still obsessively watching her so she’s not in any big hurry to hook up with another man who’ll make her life a living hell.  Of course she knows enough about Levi to trust him to not be psychotic and there’s definitely a sexual attraction that’s impossible to resist. 


At first Sydney and Levi keep their relationship strictly on a friendship level but as time progresses and they spend more and more time together the attraction proves to be too much and one kiss quickly leads to other far more intimate moments. 


Levi has quite a reputation with the ladies and he isn’t interested in soiling his relationship with Sydney by allowing the press to get wind of it.  Levi and Sydney’s romance is as wild as their Texas hearts unleashed on a Las Vegas strip but can they withstand an angry brother and an obsessive ex?


BUCKLING DOWN is a red hot scorching romance which is as hot as Texas – and as wild as Las Vegas.  Moira Keith installs plenty of humor, passion, emotion and non-stop action in this captivating tale.  Rodeo cowboys give women lots of moments of intense joy just watching the way they move so you can just imagine how exciting Levi is to any woman who comes in contact with him.  Sydney’s got a spirit that matches Levi perfectly and keeps him coming back for more.  BUCKLING DOWN is a perfect addition to the WILD RIDE anthology.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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