A Thing Called Love

Author: Marilyn Lee

Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

Release Date: August 20, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Detective Jamie Hanna wants desperately to make Sergeant so she does what she must to excel at her job. Even if this entails hanging out late at night with her octopus armed partner Hillhower. Jamie has qualms about their current undercover mission. She senses something isn't right in the expensive way he always dresses or the fact that he refuses to call for backup. She stomps down on her reservations by letting Hillhower sway her with words of their future promotions. Unfortunately things have just taken a turn for the worse and Hillhower is dead. Now Jamie is the prime suspect in his homicide and also a madman's next target.

Chief Editor Dan Jansen wants to expose corruption in the 8th precinct. If it's one thing he can't stand, it's a dirty cop. Yet he finds himself wanting to give Jamie a second chance to tell her side of the story. He also finds himself highly turned on by her voluptuous body and kissable lips. As Dan gets closer to Jamie and starts to melt her defenses, he realizes that he is falling for the tough cop and sets out to win her love. All the while unaware of a killer that awaits his next move in the background.


Jamie knows that she is up against the entire force in proving her innocence. Her being a black female on a predominantly white male force has been a thorn in her side since the day she came to the department. With days spent looking for clues and nights wrapped in Dan's warm embrace, she is suddenly head over heels and falling fast for her 'Big dumb blonde'.


As Dan helps Jamie in finding who framed her, he finds himself now a target of a plot so devious that it leaves them both shocked. He realizes that it's more than his passion for Jamie that is at stake, their very lives are now in danger and it's only by trusting in each other and letting love bind them can they stand a chance against an unknown but formidable foe.

Watching Dan and Jamie's relationship blossom was a beautiful thing for me to experience. The coming together of two strong willed people from different backgrounds and ethnicity's was wonderfully woven into an excitingly sexy and engaging plotline. Marilyn Lee writes a fast paced crowd pleaser that is sure to romanticize even the most stilted reader's hearts. A THING CALLED LOVE is a must read for all those who believe in love and all beauty it brings to the human life.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Lady Novelistic

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