The Thorns, Book 3 - True Blue Love
By Chrissy Dionne
Apr 4, 2009 - 7:30:19 AM

Australian native Miller Thorn has lost at love twice and he’s not about to risk his heart again.  He’s learned to pay for sex – no expectations, no disappointments and no fuss.  He’s plenty busy with work, family and friends but he’s aware that he really wants a special woman and maybe even children of his own to make his life complete. 

Miller dislikes flying commercial. He much prefers flying his own birdie but in this particular case there’s an upside to being in confined quarters with one particular passenger.  Of course that’s coupled with the obnoxious bloke sitting two seats away.  The American woman in the seat between them though is a beauty and he’s spent a lot of time covertly watching her – yet missed most of the bloke’s appalling behavior towards her – until she requested that Miller switch seats with her. 


At first Miller had been too tongue tied to actually talk to the ‘Yank’ during most of the flight but he vows he’ll manage a response if she tries to talk to him again.  She does more than that!  After switching seats with him in order to get away from their obnoxious seatmate, Kaycee engages Miller in conversation and after learning that he isn’t romantically involved with anyone makes him and offer he can’t refuse.   She actually invites him to engage in a one-night stand with no strings attached.


They quickly discover that one night isn’t enough and Miller offers to show her some of his country before she heads back across the pond.  As they experience the various sightseeing spots and some not so touristy places their feelings for each other grow but it’s only a fling – or that was the plan anyway.


What Kaycee doesn’t reveal and Miller is unaware of is the fact that she doesn’t intend to return home.  She’s in Australia to start a new life free of the nightmare that came close to destroying her.  Their uncomplicated fling quickly changes when he learns of her plans.  With family drama and Miller’s discomfort over his intense feelings for Kaycee he’s not sure if he’s willing to risk his heart once again – even though he’s aware it’s too late to second guess his feelings.


TRUE BLUE LOVE is the third book in Melissa Lopez’s THE THORNS series.   Each story in this series has intensified my love of Australia and this wonderful family – especially Miller.   He’s so responsible, serious and been through so much heartache that he really deserves a very special woman so I was very anxious to ‘meet’ the sheila who captures his heart.  While the sex is explosive and they have a great time together there are issues that could threaten any chance at happiness.  Kaycee’s openness and capacity to trust Miller with her body and heart is exactly what Miller needs but since he’s unaware of her past he’s oblivious to what a gift he’s received.  As if the emotionally tremulous relationship between Kaycee and Miller isn’t enough, there’s a stunning development with Miller’s cousins that honestly broke my heart for everyone involved.  I’m sincerely hoping that there will be more stories in the future that will allow readers to revisit the Thorns and get to know the cousins much better.


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