SEALed with a Kiss
By Chrissy Dionne
Apr 1, 2008 - 4:17:57 AM

Navy SEAL Jax Graham has found himself in a precarious situation. His ex-wife's death leaves him as the sole support to his four-year-old son, but his career leaves precious little time for him to play full-time dad. Granting custody to his ex-wife's mother seems like the ideal solution but after spending time with her and his son, Tyler, he’s questioning if he's making the right decision . . . and if not then what should he do ?

Family therapist Pickett Sessoms takes her job to heart. She knows exactly what she wants and love doesn't enter into the equation. She sees military families struggling all the time to stay together and knows she doesn't have the fortitude to withstand the demands of military life. So why is she obsessing over a little boy and his father she met on the beach?


With a hurricane barreling toward the North Carolinian coastline, Pickett's mother volunteers her to prepare some elderly friends’ beach house 'because Pickett lives at the beach' - never mind that she lives thirty miles away in Snead's Ferry. While struggling to close the shutters she notices a young boy and his father on the beach, both uncomfortable with each other. Getting involved isn't part of her plans but she can't resist trying to help. When she leaves Jax and Tyler are happily building castles in the wet sand.


When the time comes to evacuate, Tyler's grandmother Lauren is panicky and demands to take Tyler with her. Jax is still on leave and insists that his son will stay with him. He hasn't changed his mind about giving her custody but her drinking is cause for concern. Before leaving Lauren projects her own fears onto Tyler so that nothing Jax does calms his fears. Finding a hotel to stay at until the storm blows over proves to be impossible, but Jax comes up with idea of calling Pickett and asking her to put them up for a few days. Against her better judgment she agrees and they move into her home but Pickett isn't prepared for the emotional attachment that she feels for them. The last thing she wants or needs is to become involved with a military man and SEALs are extremely focused on their career. What she doesn't realize is that she needs a hero just as much as he needs a family therapist to help him form a relationship with his son.


Mary Margret Daughtridge really pulls at the readers heartstrings with her debut release SEALED WITH A KISS. Pickett, Jax and Tyler are wonderful characters who are struggling with their own issues and insecurities that makes it easy to be able to relate to them. I loved getting to know these characters and being privy to their relationship through its ups and downs. What stunned me was how my feelings toward the grandmother went from hatred to almost feeling sorry for her.


Military men are often considered the ultimate hero and highly desirable. Ms. Daughtridge presents Jax in a 'human' light and we get to see his vulnerabilities and insecurities. Not traits we normally expect to see in heroes but in this case it works beautifully. SEALED WITH A KISS is a wonderful story that will have readers experiencing a whirlwind of emotions and culminating with an awesome scene that will have your pulse pounding.

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