By Chrissy Dionne
Jun 25, 2013 - 6:24:06 AM

Sydney Boyle is at the end of her rope – and would like nothing more than to slip it over her foster brother Sean’s head.  Well, that might not exactly be true but it’s much easier to go toe-to-toe with him than it is to admit to the deep abiding love she’s had for him since her teenage years.  Ever since he took over as the head of the family publishing company she’s had to see him on a daily basis and it’s been one squabble after another.  The simple fact that she’s now stuck at a mountain retreat along with the rest of their family and a few friends and he’s dogging her heels, growling at her constantly is almost more than she can bear – and things are only bound to get more tense between them.

Sean Duncan’s feelings for Sydney are anything but brotherly – and they have been for years, but his father made it abundantly clear that she was off-limits – and Sean abided by that ruling until now.  Every time they face off snarling at each other he just wants to pull her into his arms and kiss her and he can’t stand the thought of any other man showing any romantic interest in her.  If he regrets anything about the Wyoming mountain retreat they’ve rented it’s merely the fact that they aren’t alone and seducing her with the rest of his family in close proximity is going to be rather difficult.


Sydney’s already stressed out thanks to a busy work schedule and she certainly doesn’t need Sean’s big brother bossy attitude disrupting the rare moments of peace and pleasure she’s able to find.  However, every time she turns around there he is – and for some reason he’s acting more like a jealous lover than a ‘brother.’  This sudden about face is all too confusing and more than she’s willing to tolerate – after all, she’s been in love with him for years so having her heart laid open for him only to have him rip paradise away just isn’t an acceptable option.  What she doesn’t realize is Sean isn’t looking for an easy conquest or a holiday fling; he’s got forever in mind, but persuading her of his intentions is going to take some work.


You could easily imagine Sydney and Sean would have been a couple long before now if it wasn’t for the whole ‘family’ problem, however, it’s also that issue that makes them coming together so deliciously sinful.  They’re not technically siblings but she was raised alongside him so it’s definitely a complicated situation, but not one they can’t overcome.  Throw in a secluded cabin, some close dancing, and a steaming Jacuzzi and you have the perfect setting for romance to counterbalance the emotional turmoil and years of repressed desires.  Mackenzie McKade’s IRRESISTIBLE is a fun and relatively quick read – perfect to make those hot summer nights even hotter.

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