Morning Ritual

Author: Paris Dixon

Publisher: Amber Quill Press, LLC

Release Date: May 2003

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Format: EBOOK

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Have you ever found yourself wanting to know more about a person as you've watched them go about their day?  How far would you actually go to witness their most private of rituals?  I believe there is a little hint of voyeur in all of us or else why would we enjoy people watching as much as we do?  If you stop and think about it, reading allows us to view the lives of the many characters that are introduced to us through the writer's words.  Those words are private and only for us, the reader, and we are given a glimpse into their secret world.

This story, ' Morning Ritual' gives us a peek into two personal lives.  Anastasia Hunter, (Ana) is a well known photographer for the magazine, 'Celebrity Parade Monthly'.  Her hectic life of running through airports and having to rise very early in the morning have taken their toll upon her.  She hasn't had a chance to relax in over three years.

Even when she feels the need for a vacation, her camera must travel with her.  The lens is her window to the world, and it's been a part of her sight for much of her life.  Ana decides to rent a beach house along the Georgia coastline where she spends time enjoying the water and jogging in the early morning along the beach.  But, there is something that catches her eye and seems to take over her every waking moment.  She enters a world where her sexual yearnings overstep the boundaries of personal space. 

The space she invades belongs to a most handsome man named Beauregard Saunders, (Beau) who, by trade, is the owner of a very successful electronics company.  He takes up residence in the house opposite Ana's and that's how the story develops.  Ana and Beau take us on a journey of physical need.  It is through their eyes we are held captive as if clenched between two smoldering, lust-filled bodies.  We are caught in the middle of some of the most seductive, stimulating images one could ever imagine.  The twist to this erotically charged short story will leave you quite breathless and wanting more-much more.

Paris Dixon has created a world where imagination and reality could become intertwined.  She skillfully sets the stage for the reader's thoughts to take over and forces them to watch the titillating picture develop with each new sentence.  She caught me and held me. I needed to know exactly what would happen as I neared the ending pages.  I definitely want more of Paris Dixon - her words -her thoughts - her vivid imagination.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Patti Fleishman

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